without sponsors The Final Tribe could not exist and our sponsors provide our organization with the means to follow our dreams and achieve success. We are careful about choosing our relationships and want to work with sponsors that in a true sense contribute to our success with their brand and their product. Together with our sponsors we work to package our story by reaching for the highest level of production of digital content for the sake of our fans.



GG.BET was developed by esports enthusiasts and professionals with the goal is to create an intuitive and convenient platform for betting on all major esports events in the world. 

On GG.BET you can always quickly and easily place a bet on your favorite team and the cash out process is very fast and transparent. 

It doesn’t matter which game you love more, on GG.BET you will always find the latest information and news on all major esports events that will help you make successful bets!



Developed by members of the eSports community, Epulze is a new, secure platform designed to enhance your gaming experience and increase the feeling of competition and engagement you get from your favorite games Compete in Stake-to-Play challenges with adjustable entry fees, and crank up the thrills as you play to win real money in every game. Epulze’s automated lobby hosting gets you straight into the fray, and automated match reporting lets you focus on the game.




Znipe is a Swedish Company that provide esport fans with a cutting edge streaming platform that lets you customize your streaming experience and get closer to the game. znipe covers all the biggest events in esports and all the major teams. Make sure to check it out and get your hands on the most exceptional streaming experience in esports.



Gainomax is a Swedish Sports Nutrition Brand with products that improve workout results and support a healthy and active lifestyle. Through our partnership Gainomax will make sure that the tribe always have the fuel needed to perform at optimal levels both during training and competition.